British working women quitting for childcare

London, April 22: A rising number of working mothers in Britain are quitting their jobs for childcare since its cost is going through the roof.

Latest figures have revealed these mothers are quitting their jobs at a record rate because of the crippling cost of childcare, The Sun reported.

Over 34,000 have turned housewife in the past three months – the fastest leap in over a year, it added.

Nursery and child minder fees rocketed 20 times more than wages in 2011, and are up to 15,000 pounds (over $24,000) a year.

Many say they have been left with no choice as the soaring cost of daycare eats into pay packets.

Britain’s shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg said: “We need a plan to make sure work pays. That means a tax and benefit system that doesn’t punish mums who decide to work.”

The record rise in women jobless was revealed by the Office of National Statistics. In 18 months, a further 32,000 new mothers chose to stay home because they cannot afford to work.

Britain is now the most expensive place in the world for nursery fees.