Force India members involved in ‘firebomb’ incident in Manama ahead of Bahrain GP

Manama, Apr 19(ANI): In the latest untoward incident in Manama, four team members of Force India were caught up in clashes between police and protesters, while they were on their way back from the Bahrain International Circuit late on Wednesday night, forcing a fellow member of the team to return home.

A petrol bomb exploded near their unmarked hire car and, while the Force India members were clearly not being targeted, it was enough for another member of the team to ask to go home, The Telegraph reports.

This incident transpired after John Yates, the former assistant commissioner in the Metropolitan Police Force who is now advising Bahrain’s security services, claimed he could not promise the safety of Formula One personnel this weekend.

Yates admitted that if protesters fired live rounds at police they would be authorized to retort.

Bahrain’s capital city, Manama, where most of the Formula One circus is staying, has been quiet for the last few days, but periodic violence and anti-government protests timed to capitalize on the presence of Formula One in the kingdom, have been a unvarying reminder of the fundamental worries. (ANI)