Gurgaon Girlcott takes off with play, slogans

Gurgaon, April 13: Gurgaon Girlcott – a movement to urge women in this millenium city on Delhi’s outskirts to keep away from splurging at restaurants, malls and salons to protest against rising crimes against the female sex, took off here Friday with a play, some slogans and posters.

The movement, born as an idea on the popular social networking platform Facebook, targets a favourite weekend activity – shopping and splurging by women. The Girlcott has urged women to hold their purse strings tight during April 13-15, and stay away from shopping in malls, stores, salons, restaurants, or taking cabs – basically anywhere that requires them to spend money in Gurgaon.

The idea was planted after a 25-year-old woman was abducted and gangraped in the city last month when she was returning from work at night. Following this, the Gurgaon administration remarked that women should not work after 8 p.m. – a statement they later retracted due to strong criticism.

More than 60 volunteers have got themselves registered with the Gurgaon Girlcott movement.

“our main aim is to motivate people so that various sections of society can make collective efforts to ensure the security of women,” the main mover behind the movement Richa Dube told IANS.

“It is a great thing that today 60 volunteers have registered themselves with us. Harming the business of private firms is not our only target, but we want to show that women can do much more than the people think,” Dube added.

However, campaigns such as theatre performance, slogans and posters would not be held on Saturday-Sunday, Dube said, adding that “We want to convey the message, and that we have done.”

A theatre performance ‘Dastak’, directed by Arvind Gour of Asmita theater group, focusing on atrocities on women was held in the campus of MGF Metropolitan Mall. Singer Rabbi Shergill and violinist Shard Chander also gave proformances.

Mall manager of MGF said he did not have estimates of how much the Girlcott movement had affected their business. The sale would be calculated Saturday and on Monday they can provide the official data, he said. However, footfalls in the malls were reportedly not much effected.

Upset at rising crimes against women and the administration’s “apathetic attitude”, a bunch of women in Gurgaon planned to launch the unique protest – a ‘girlcott’ of shopping in the place known for its swanky malls and stores.