Imran Khan describes US war on terror as Pak’s ‘gravest problem’

Lahore, Apr 15(ANI): Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf chairperson Imran Khan has described the US’ war on terror as the ‘gravest problem’ inflicting the country, which has killed tens of thousands of people so far.

He also slammed the decision to re-open the NATO supply route, The Dawn reports.

He claimed the so-called war on terror has benefited a handful of the ruling elite at the cost of the poor Pakistan citizens besides fuelling extremism in the country.

Khan condemned the killing of Shias and described it as the second gravest issue.

He vowed to ensure supremacy of law if his party came to power.

He said the PTI would ensure rights to women and share in inheritance and provide them protection against cruel relatives.

He claimed 90 per cent of students supported the PTI although Shahbaz Sharif was giving them laptops and Asif Zardari was trying to buy their loyalties through the Benazir Income Support Programme. (ANI)