Iran asks EU to reconsider sanctions on oil exports

Tehran, April 19 (Xinhua-ANI): Iran’s oil minister on Thursday asked the EU to reconsider its sanctions on the Islamic republic’s oil exports.

EU leaders approved in January the latest raft of restrictive measures on Iran’s oil exports over Tehran’s nuclear program they suspected of military aims. The sanctions are expected to come into force on July 1.

“If Europeans don’t cancel the oil sanctions, they will, for sure, have grave impacts on the energy market especially on the energy security,” Rostam Qasemi said on the sidelines of an international oil show in Tehran.

“We are waiting for good news (from the Europeans) and the Europeans’ response to Iran in Baghdad will be important for the oil market,” said the Iranian oil minister.

The Iraqi capital of Baghdad will be hosting the next round of nuclear talks on May 23 between Iran and the world powers. The dialogue is expected to bear fruit in resolving the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program. (Xinhua-ANI)