Japanese ‘black widow’ sentenced to death for murder of three men

Tokyo, April 14: A Japanese woman who killed three men after dating them for their money has been sentenced to death.

A district court in Japan said that Kanae Kijima, 37, murdered three men aged 41, 53 and 80 for financial gains.

Kijima allegedly met the men on Internet dating sites and poisoned them with carbon monoxide by burning charcoal briquettes after giving them sleeping pills, The BBC reports.

According to the report, her case has gained notoriety in Japan as the ‘Black Widow’ case, named after the female spider that eats its partner after mating.

Meanwhile, Kijima’s lawyer said that she was innocent and the men had either committed suicide after she broke up with them, or had died accidentally.

Kijima has said that she is innocent and would appeal against the court’s verdict.(ANI)