Lampard says there is lot more to come from Chelsea ‘old guards’

London, Apr 26(ANI): Veteran Chelsea midfielder Lampard has said there is lot more to come from senior players in the team, and they shouldn’t be written off any time soon.

Captain John Terry, Didier Drogba, Ashley Cole and Lampard played imperative roles during Chelsea’s semi-final coup over Barcelona to reach their second Champions League final.

Chelsea play German giants Bayern Munich in the final of the Champions League in Munich.

Lampard believes the senior players performance against Barcelona is proof that they epitomize core Chelsea values.

“What we’ve got is determination. People perhaps watched us a few weeks ago against Wigan and Fulham and thought we were on our last legs. But you can’t knock this team down,” The Daily Mirror quoted Lampard, as saying.

“We keep coming back. We’ve got everything to show. That’s what makes top players. That’s what makes Didier Drogba a top player,” he added.

“He gets written off, he comes back and scores goals that get us to this point and I’m the same. I always try and do everything to always prove myself. I’m very proud of what I’ve done in my career and I don’t feel like I’m on my last legs. I’ll keep trying to show that in every game,” he said. (ANI)