US plans to ease sanctions imposed on Burma following ‘fair’ by-elections

Washington, Apr 5: The United States has announced that it would begin easing some of its sanctions it has imposed on Burma after the country successfully staged by-elections last weekend.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said some travel and financial restrictions would be relaxed, with Burmese leaders allowed to visit the US.

The US would also begin ‘targeted easing’ of the ban on US financial services and investment in Burma, she said without giving further details.

Clinton, however, said the sanctions would remain in place ‘on individuals and institutions that remain on the wrong side of these historic reform efforts,’ The BBC reports.

The US move came after Asian leaders meeting for a regional summit issued a formal call for sanctions against Burma to be lifted immediately to help the country’s political and economic development.

According to the report, European Union leaders said earlier that they would also consider lifting some of their sanctions on Burma.

The move follows by-elections in Burma on Sunday in which pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party secured a landslide win.

The National League for Democracy (NLD) reportedly took 43 out of 45 seats up for grabs in the polls, which were generally deemed to be ‘free and fair’. (ANI)