Should Prince Harry be ordered to find a black, asks Historian David Starkey

London, Apr 29: Historian David Starkey, who seems to be undeterred by the furore over his claim that Britain had undergone a cultural shift and whites had “become black”, has ventured back into the delicate field of race relations.

The television historian has used the first anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding to question whether a member of the Royal family would ever marry someone who is black or Asian.

He was asked whether a prince who was homosexual would be morally obliged to “come out”.

“No, unless you’re going to argue this notion of a representative Royal family; therefore, we have a survey which says that X percent of population is gay. Right, you’re the gay one. X percent of the population is Indian. Right, you go off and get the girl in the sari. Do they have to send out an order? Harry, find a black!” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Starkey, who is homosexual, provoked more than 700 complaints with his comments on Newsnight about race and the riots in London and other cities last August.

His remarks on the BBC2 programme were, however, later cleared by the broadcasting watchdog, Ofcom. It decided to take no action over his appearance and said his comments formed part of “a serious and measured discussion”. (ANI)