Quraishi in tune with Anna’s remark on voters’ integrity

New Delhi, Apr 28: Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi on Saturday said veteran social activist Anna Hazare is quite right as far as the use of money power and liquor in the elections is concerned, and emphasized that the federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes in India is taking a lot of steps to stop the use of these two inducements.

“I don’t know whether he commented on the entire electoral system. But he has commented on the use of money and liquor in the elections and he is quite right because that is a concern, which we also have. We have been taking lot of steps to stop the use of money power and liquor in the elections,” said Quraishi.

“Our enforcement machinery tries to control this and we had used media’s help also in appealing to the voters not to get influenced by these two inducements. I think creating awareness among the people against these two vices is extremely important. And I think if Anna also appeals to people, I am sure it will be very effective,” he added.

Hazare had earlier on Friday said that he would lose his deposit if he fought elections, because voters were not informed enough and people in the villages could be influenced by money and alcohol.

“I feel I should contest elections, but if I do so, I will lose my deposit. I will not do so. Voters are not alert. An informed voter is the crux of democracy. In villages, even today if a Rs. 500 note is waved in front of people they will vote for you, and a drunkard will vote for you if he is promised alcohol,” he said. (ANI)