‘Your leaders are afraid of you, Imran Khan tells voters

Quetta, Apr 21(ANI): Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan exhorted Quetta residents at a rally by saying that the leaders of the country are afraid of the very people who have elected them.

“While I was on my way to the rally, I saw the Governor House and its high boundary walls protected with barbed wires. These people residing in governor houses, prime minister houses, chief minister and president houses, why are they afraid of the Pakistani people? They are your leaders and they are afraid of you!” The Express Tribune quoted Khan, as saying at a Quetta rally.

He vowed to bulldoze these houses and build educational institutes and libraries when his party came to power.

He also pointed out that Balochistan had received 110 billion rupees in aid in the NFC award, but questioned where it was being utilized.

“If the money was spent here, then Balochistan youth would have received free education and jobs too,” he added.

Khan said the PTI leadership would explain “how to normalise the situation in Balochistan”.

Khan said that he was happy that the people of Balochistan were planning on taking part in the rally and that “no other political party had dared to gather such a crowd.”

“We have spoken about the issue of missing persons and will continue to do so,” Khan said. (ANI)