Air India flight cancelled, pilots ‘sick’

Mumbai, May 8: One international flight was cancelled and others suffered disruptions as a section of Air India pilots reported sick, an official said Tuesday.

The exact number of ‘sick’ pilots was not immediately available.

An AI official said the Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Newark flight scheduled to leave early Tuesday has been cancelled due to non-availabality of pilots.

According to one estimate, nearly 100 pilots are off-duty since midnight of Monday after falling ‘sick’. More are likely to follow suit.

Among other things, the pilots are opposing the carrier’s plans to provide the Boeing-787 Dreamliner to the erstwhile Indian Airlines pilots who are now part of the airline.

The action has come at a critical juncture when the airline was hoping to retrieve lost ground with the peak vacation season and securing a massive Rs.42,000 crore bailout package.