Analysts predict exile for Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng after daring escape

Beijing, May 2: Analysts and Internet users have said that Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng’s chances of staying back in his country have reduced after his daring escape from house arrest.

In fleeing and allegedly seeking U.S. protection, the analysts have said that Chen has turned his case into a national issue, which makes it more difficult for him to remain in China.

“What he’s done almost ensures that he has to leave,” Joshua Rosenzweig, a human-rights researcher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said.

He added that Beijing was unlikely to keep such a high-profile critic of the country’s legal system, The Wall Street Journal reports.

“It would be very difficult to imagine any other endgame to this,” he said.

Chen had escaped from house arrest on April 22 and has allegedly sought asylum in U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

Both the U.S. and Chinese Governments have declined to comment on Chen’s whereabouts.

His escape will loom over talks between Chinese officials and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner over a range of economic and political issues.

U.S.-based activist Bob Fu raised the possibility that the U.S. and China would come to a “face-saving” arrangement that would allow Chen and his family to travel to the U.S., not as asylum seekers, but under the pretext of seeking medical attention. (ANI)