Gadar Movement artifacts to be displayed at Stockton

New Delhi, May 19(ANI): The artifacts related to the ‘Gadar Movement’ would be on display at the Sikh Temple at Stockton, California to mark the centenary celebrations of the uprising in the second week of October.

The printing machine that has been used for the weekly newspaper called “the Gadar”, is expected to be a major attraction.

Resolutions, speeches, letters, poems and the photographs of the “Gardari Babas” would also be on display.

The aim of the movement was to liberate India from the British control and contribute to the Indian freedom struggle. Gadar movement strongly advocated unity of India based on mutual respect for all communities.

The Punjabi immigrants who came to the U.S. started the movement from here.

Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna, the president of the Gadar movement was joined by several Sikh revolutionaries of Stockton who first got Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society incorporated in 1912, and then instituted Guru Gobind Singh Scholarship for six most talented Indian students.

Among the six recipients of the scholarship, four were non-Sikhs. Baba Jawala Singh and Baba Wasakha Singh, who were the founder member of the Stockton Gurudwara, donated their US properties to the movement and dedicated their lives to the freedom of India.

Their properties in India were confiscated by the British.

The Sikh temple at Stockton, which had been used most of the time for special congregations of the Gadaris for fund-raising, has dedicated this year to the century of the “Gadar movement”. By Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)