Hafiz Saeed accuses India of attempting to ‘destabilise’ Pak

Karachi, May 27: Jamaat-ud-Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed has said it is not only the United States, but also India that is interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs and is equally involved in activities aimed at destabilisation.

Saeed said the long march against the reopening of NATO supply routes was earlier postponed because the leaders of the parties in the JuD-backed Difa-e Pakistan Council (DPC) had decided to use that tool on an appropriate occasion, adding that a long march would be taken out soon, the details of which would be finalised in a meeting with DPC leaders on June 5, reports the Daily Times.

Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Pakistan Chief and DPC central leader, Syed Munawwar Hassan has accused the Pakistan People’s Party and its allies of pushing the entire nation to the wall and allowing the “wicked” U.S. and NATO to continue with the genocide of Muslims. He has warned that any measure aimed at restoring NATO supply lines through Pakistan would be thwarted by the council.

“We are ready to pay any price but will not allow U.S. and NATO to get reinforcements through the country,” the paper quoted Hassan, as saying.

Expressing deep concern over the firing incident at a rally of Sindhi nationalists, Hassan said the government as well as the law enforcement agencies has failed to protect people’s lives, and added that the government has lost moral reasoning for staying in power. (ANI)