Increase productivity, Bengal labour minister urges workers

Kolkata, May 1: Observing that industry and labour are complementary to each other, West Bengal Labour Minister Purnendu Bose Tuesday urged workers to strive for increased productivity.

“Along with the interest of the workers, the well being of the industry is equally important, because one cannot exist without the other. We will have to look after both the interests as it is the only way ahead. You look after the interest of the industry and we will take care of you,” Bose said at a May Day programme here.

He said the state was moving towards industrialisation and it was essential the work force contributed with all its might.

“Industrial productivity is very important for well being of the economy and I urge all the workers to strive for increased productivity,” he said.

Accusing the erstwhile Left Front regime of deviating the labour movement in the state during its 34-year reign, he urged the workforce to bring the movement back on track.

“Labour is the backbone of any economy and for it to flourish it is essential that the labour movement is on the right track so as to lead the society to the path of development. The last 34 years has severely dented the movement, so I urge you all to bring it to the path of development,” said Bose.

He also said the government was mulling to give a grant to classes 9 and 10 students for buying books.

“This is not an announcement but just a thought. We are considering providing a grant to the students of classes 9 and 10 for buying books. We hope to implement it by next year,” Bose said.

The minister also handed over scholarships and stipend cheques to students whose parents are workers.