J.Lo open to adoption in future

Wellington, May 6: Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she is open to the idea of adopting a child in the future.

The 42-year-old singer and actress, who stars in upcoming romantic comedy ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, admitted that she rarely considered adoption before shooting this film.

”Before this movie, it wasn’t something that had occurred to me,” Stuff.co.nz quoted her as telling Access Hollywood.

“But after this movie, yes, I could see myself definitely doing it and being open to it for sure.

“You know what I mean? Whereas, before I never thought about it really,” she said.

The Latin diva really became aware of the impact of adoption on lives when she interacted with others on set.

“It was funny, the adoption thing.

“When I held the baby for the first time – our baby in the movie, and they were twins, they were two little twin Ethiopian boys, who, their parents went through a similar thing, and actually have adopted before, and so we got to talk to them a lot about it too.

“But when you hold that baby, you can really see how easy it is to just love another child that is not yours. Really, such a simple thing,” she added. (ANI)