Kate ‘too worried about Pippa’s antics’ to think about starting family

Washington, May 1: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating their first year of marriage together and inevitably, questions are being raised about the couple expanding their family.

According to a report from E! Online, though, Kate’s mind is full of worrying about her siblings tarnishing her reputation, to even begin thinking about starting a family right now.

The 30-year-old is continually having to endure comparisons to her late mother in law, Princess Diana and when it comes to baby talk, the situation is no different – Diana was pregnant with William within a year of her own royal wedding and many people will have been expecting the same of Kate and Prince William.

According to Palace insider Kate’s already got her work cut out making sure that her brother and sister don’t ruin the impeccable name that she’s made for herself.

“Personally, I think the biggest pressure on Kate is the dumb behavior of her sister, Pippa, and, now, her brother, James,” Contactmusic quoted a Palace insider as telling E! Online.

Several members of the royal family have spoken out in praise of Kate’s effortless conversion to royal life, recently.

It seems as though Pippa and James Middleton haven’t been quite as good at keeping up appearances, though.

Pippa was recently involved in a police investigation in Paris when she was photographed in a car with a friend who was apparently brandishing a gun.

And James apparently “has a company that produces cakes and sponges bearing ‘naughty’ icing slogans such as ‘Jiggly Jugs’ and ‘Wriggly Willies’?” (ANI)