Leonard Nimoy ‘talking’ about returning as Spock Prime in Star Trek sequel

London, May 2: Leonard Nimoy, who announced his retirement following a final turn as Spock Prime in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot in 2009, may reprise his iconic role in the follow up flick.

In an interview on CNN, Nimoy was asked if he might consider appearing in Abrams’ forthcoming sequel.

“We’re talking. We’re talking,” the Guardian quoted him as saying.

The fanboy blog ‘Aint It Cool News’ later said it had “compelling independent confirmation that Nimoy is ‘absolutely’ in the new film”, a claim that was supported by a number of other US blogs.

The 81-year-old Boston-born actor affirmed his retirement from the role of Spock in April 2010, citing his age and the desire to give Zachary Quinto (who plays a younger version of the character in Abrams’s film) the opportunity to make the role his own.

Since then, Nimoy has apparently retired altogether from acting, though his voice has been used in an animated episode of the TV series Fringe and in the latest Transformers film, Dark of the Moon, where he played Sentinel Prime.

The actor delivered a gentle, statesmanlike performance as the elder Spock in Star Trek, and a number of fans felt it was a positive way for him to leave the long-running saga.

If he signs on for the sequel, Nimoy will be joined by Sherlock’s fast-rising Benedict Cumberbatch, who will be playing the main villain after sending in a “compelling” audition filmed on an iPhone. (ANI)