Myanmarese living abroad again allowed to import vehicles

Yangon, May 15: Myanmar has again allowed its people living abroad to import vehicles, said official sources Tuesday.

Car import for Myanmar migrant workers was temporarily suspended in the past, reported Xinhua.

Earlier this month, the authorities allowed its citizens holding foreign exchange account to import cars that were of 2007 model or later, except passenger buses.

Myanmar is taking step-by-step measures to enable people to buy cars freely from car showrooms or through import.

Since September 2011, Myanmar has laid down a programme to substitute private-owned vehicles that were more than four decades old with new ones.

According to the Department of Road Transport Administration, there is a total of 2.3 million registered motor vehicles, of which 279,066 are passenger cars while 64,888 are trucks, 20,944 buses, 1.9 million motorcycles and 59,665 others.