Obama brings in record-high 15 m dollars in single re-election fundraiser

Los Angeles (US), May 11 (Xinhua-ANI): President Barack Obama brought in nearly 15 million dollars for his re-election, a record high in a single fundraiser, Thursday night at actor Geroge Clooney’s home in Studio City near Los Angeles.

A group of 150 Democrats, including Barbra Streisand and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, each paid 40,000 dollars to attend the event and had dinner with the president.

But two-thirds of the funds came from supporters who took part in a contest to win seats for the event. The funds will go to Obama for America, his re-election campaign, the Democratic National Committee and several state parties, his campaign assistants told local media.

In a speech delivered at the gathering, Obama recalled the difficult economic times when he took office in 2009, then touted recent job creation, the comeback of General Motors from bankruptcy, passage of health care legislation and doubling automotive fuel efficiency standards, according to local media reports.

Obama said his support of same-sex marriage, which he disclosed Wednesday in an interview with ABC, was “the logical extension of what America is supposed to be” and “grew directly out” of the difference in vision between the Democratic and Republican parties.

Obama will stay overnight in Beverly Hills and leave Friday morning for Reno, Nevada.

LA is his second leg of a two-day fundraising trip to three U.S. western states. He’s been to Seattle for a pair of campaign events Thursday and flew to LA in the evening.

A demonstration over the administration’s policies on home-ownership issues was held near Clooney’s canyon home. The protesters called on Obama to do more on prosecuting banks and militating for principal reduction in mortgage payments. (Xinhua-ANI)