One-third of Brits ‘want to live near a pub’

London, May 12: A third of people from Britain believe that it is important to have a pub close to their home as it demonstrates that they are part of a community, a new study has revealed.

Mintel, the market research company, found that even infrequent pub-goers agree that it is important to have a good pub near where they live.

“It is almost as if a pub is a bit of a status symbol for a community, even if they don’t use it much they want to know that they have the option to do so if they wish,” the Telegraph quoted Mintel as saying.

Research by the company found that more than twice as many people find it more enjoyable drinking in a pub than drinking at home. This is because of the “atmosphere and theatre” of a pub environment, Mintel said.

Despite their enjoyment of pubs, the research found that visits to pubs are falling.

Mintel said that over six in ten adults over the age of 18 visit a pub regularly to drink. This is down from seven in ten people in 2007. The group found that more people visit pubs to eat than to drink. (ANI)