Oxford student fined 120 pounds over ‘great rack’ remarks

London, May 4: An Oxford University student who boasted about her body in an election flyer has been fined 120 pounds for bringing the Union into “disrepute”.

Madeline Grant, a 19-year-old former model, who contested for the post of Union Librarian, prompted a sexism row by writing a “draft manifesto” which contained references to her breasts.

Grant, who is reading English literature and languages at St Hilda’s College, wrote in the campaign material: “I don’t hack, I just have a great rack.”

Fellow Oxford Union members condemned her comments as “deeply offensive” and she was last night ordered to appear before a disciplinary committee.

Isabel Ernst, President of the Union, has now confirmed that Grant had been fined, but said the details of the committee’s report into the incident would not be finalised for several days.

“She (Miss Grant) talked to the press without the written permission of the president (of the Union) and she brought the society into disrepute. She was fined 120 pounds. For the exact findings you will have to wait for the report to come out,” the Telegraph quoted Ernst as saying.

Grant’s mother, Sally Jones, the former BBC sports presenter, said her daughter had decided to resign from the Union over the fiasco.

She said the teenager had made her decision owing to the Union’s “pompous and inflexible line”.

The row over Grant’s remarks began in March when her comments were posted on an official Union noticeboard. The campaign material claimed she was a “genuine independent candidate (I don’t hack, I just have a great rack)”.

Grant, from Ashorne, Warwickshire, wrote that she was “committed to helping members pull” after she organised a “sell-out Valentine’s social”.

The member of the Oxford Union Committee, whose past presidents Sir Edward Heath and Boris Johnson, also claimed she once had “a hug’n'kiss from Johnny Depp”, the Hollywood actor.

She further suggested she had embarked on a relationship with “a shady Japanese businessman for Union ball sponsorship”.

Many of her comments were later removed from her official manifesto with the “rack” comment changed to “I don’t hack, I’m just here for the craic”.

But her campaign was condemned by students who accused her of “damaging the perception of women” and showing a “distinct lack of judgment”.

“Whilst this manifesto is clearly meant to be humorous, it shows a distinct lack of judgment,” said one union member who declined to be named.

“It is disappointing to see female members of committee campaigning on the back of gender at all, let alone in a way which promotes the use of sexuality,” the union member stated. (ANI)