Pakistani billionaire lawmaker fears for his life

Islamabad, May 8: A Pakistani parliamentarian, who has declared assets worth a staggering Rs.32 billion, now fears that this disclosure “may even endanger” his life, a media report said Tuesday.

Noor Alam Khan of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) seems to be the richest member of the National Assembly as the value of his declared assets exceeds Rs.32 billion (over $352 million).

Dawn said this was much more than the joint worth of the few other billionaires in the house.

The statement of assets and liabilities for 2010-11 submitted to the Election Commission showed that Khan owns 200 acres of prime land in Peshawar valued at Rs.160 million per acre. The value of the inherited land comes to Rs.32 billion.

Khan told Dawn that he did not want to lie to the people.

He added that “this disclosure may even endanger my life, but I want to set an example”.

The other billionaires in the National Assembly include Mehboobullah Jan (PPP), Shahid Khaqan Abbasi (PML-N) and Jehangir Khan Tareen (PTI).