Prince William favoured to replace dad Charles as heir

London, May 6: A new poll has shown that most people would prefer to see Prince William become the next king rather than his father, the Prince of Wales.

The hypothetical proposal to see the Duke of Cambridge “leapfrog” Prince Charles as heir to the throne emerged in a three-nation survey on the public’s attitude to the monarchy conducted by Canadian-based pollsters Angus Reid, the Daily Express reported.

It showed that people living in Australia, Canada and Britain find the prospect of the 29-year-old prince and his wife Kate becoming their heads of state more appealing than the notion of Prince Charles and Camilla taking over from the Queen.

Opposition to Prince Charles taking the throne has increased steadily over the past 11 years in Britain, according to various polls.

In 2001, 34 per cent believed Charles should step aside for William to take his place as King, while in 2005 a Mori poll taken at the time of his wedding to Camilla showed 42 per cent believed he should give up his right to the throne in favour of his eldest son.

The figures show those preferring the idea of William succeeding the Queen is 51 per cent of those polled in Britain, 52 per cent in Australia and 47 per cent in Canada.

Only 31 per cent of Britons, 17 per cent of Canadians and 13 per cent of Australians would prefer to see Charles ascend the throne.

William has now become the most popular member of the Royal Family, with 82 per cent of Britons saying they have a favourable opinion of him.

Kate is second on the list with an equally impressive rating of 77 per cent.he lowest rated members of the Royal Family are Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

The heir to the throne gets a positive review from only 45 per cent of Britons while Camilla is viewed favourably by only 31 per cent.

“To be honest, I don’t find these figures surprising,” Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine said.

“As far as the popularity of William and Kate is concerned, of course the prospect of a young, golden King with a beautiful wife is more attractive than Prince Charles, who is a middle-aged man.

“William is the man of the moment and he is bound to be more popular, but what we should be thinking about is the great sacrifice he would have to make to take on the responsibility at such a young age.

“He would basically have to give up his life. He would have no private life at all,” she added. (ANI)