Queen Elizabeth keeps finances ‘closely guarded secret’

Washington, May 7: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth would “never” reveal her actual monetary worth.

Despite being one of the world’s richest landowners her exact worth is not known, although Philip Beresford, compiler of the Sunday Times Rich List believes in monetary value, she would be worth around 400 million pounds.

“If she ignored the outrage, cast aside concerns about heritage and simply liquidated everything she could probably walk away with something like 300 million pounds to 400 million pounds,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling Tatler magazine.

“Her financial affairs are shrouded in secrecy. She never lifts the veil,” he said.

The various possessions of the Queen includes the imperial state crown, which contains 2,868 diamonds, racehorses worth approximately 3.6 million pounds and a collection of cars thought to be valued at 7.1 million pounds.

Despite her wealth, things have not always been easy for the Queen – in 2008 her request for funding to repair the royal palaces was put down by the government. (ANI)