‘Top Gear’s ex stunt rider chosen for latest Bond movie ‘Skyfall’

Melbourne, May 7: Racing driver Ben Collins, who was ‘Top Gear’s The Stig, is working as a stuntman on the set of the new James Bond film ‘Skyfall’.

Collins was taken to court by BBC Television (Top Gear’s maker) to unsuccessfully try to block his identity as The Stig and his to-be published autobiography.

He was also sacked and ridiculed by Top Gear’s frontman Jeremy Clarkson for revealing his identity, News.com.au reported.

According to The Mirror, the 37-year-old racing car driver, called “The Greedy Twat” by Clarkson, has had exploding pens, an underwater car, a mini-helicopter, and escaped his enemies with a jet pack on his back.

Collins, who also previously did stunts on ‘Quantum Of Solace’ and ‘Casino Royale’ was in the driving seat for several of the film’s daring chase sequences being filmed in Istanbul, Turkey.

In one shot, Collins, who revealed he was white-suited Stig in 2010 after the court battle with the BBC, rammed a grey Land Rover into the side of a black Audi, almost destroying it.

An ex-Army officer, Collins is seen controlling the 4×4 from a custom-built frame on the roof directly above the driver’s seat.

Meanwhile, special rigging on the left-hand side of the vehicle allowed the cameramen to capture the fast-paced action through a window. No fewer than fifteen 35,000-pound Audis were destroyed during the filming of the sequence, including six during pre-filming tests.

At one point, one of the cars was seen with its left side smashed to pieces after the stunt team flipped it over and sent it sliding into a spice market stall.

‘Skyfall’, directed by Kate Winslet’s Oscar-winning ex-husband Sam Mendes, is due for release in Australia on November 22. (ANI)