Uttar Pradesh Police defends Saharanpur DIG over honour killing comment

Lucknow, May 10: A senior Uttar Pradesh police officer on Thursday defended the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) of Saharanpur in connection with an honour killing comment that he had reportedly made

Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order and Crime) Jagmohan Yadav said that the media had deliberately twisted the comment reportedly made by DIG Satish Kumar Mathur to make him look bad.

Earlier, a television channel reported that state Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had ordered the transfer of Saharanpur Deputy Inspector General of Police Satish Kumar Mathur for his honour killing comment.

Yadav had earlier in the day said that ction would be initiated against the senior police officer if it was found that he had made the comment.

Yadav said that his government would be taking a decision on Mathur’s transfer shortly.

He had earlier said that the senior officer should have respected the dignity of his post.

“It is true that through you (media) the statement of a senior police officer has come. If that is the statement, then it is a very wrong statement because one expects justice from the police. If an officer holds such a high post and does not take his rank seriously then action, will be initiated against him,” Akhilesh Yadav said.

“I have already told you that if the officer has made such comment, then action will be initiated against him. I would urge you (media) that you show the event, but you never show the action initiated by us. I again assure you whoever will break the law, the law will take its own course and action would be initiated against them within the law,” he added.

National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Mamta Sharma had earlier on Wednesday expressed her anger and dismay over the police officer’s comment, saying that the Uttar Pradesh Government should suspend the latter.

“The way I see it the DIG (Deputy Inspector General of Police) has turned away from his responsibilities. It is his responsibility that if a person, be it a male or a female comes to him for help, he is entitled to help them. The response that he has given is very cowardly and this is not right. I demand that the State Government suspend him and then investigate why he gave such a response,” Sharma said.

Minister of State for Home Jitender Singh had also condemned the honour killing comment, saying sensitivity should be maintained while listening to the complaint of everybody.

Mathur was allegedly caught on camera telling the father of a missing girl that had she been his daughter, he ‘would have killed her and committed suicide’.

The IPS officer allegedly made the callous remark when Shaukeen Mohammed approached the police to track down his daughter, saying he believed she had eloped.

Local journalists, who were present at the police station, allegedly recorded the comments of the senior police official on camera. (ANI)