Hodgson calls on UEFA to tackle racism at Euro 2012

London, June 2: England manager Roy Hodgson has said that racism towards players at Euro 2012 should be tackled by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and match officials.

“My stance is simple. It’s a matter for referees and UEFA,” the BBC quoted Hodgson as saying.

Hodgson said: “[The impact of racism] has been brought home to me with great effect on Thursday when you listen to two survivors of the Holocaust, two guys born in Poland who have a story to tell of how prejudice cost them everything but their lives”.

“It is a topical question and one that I am sure is being heavily debated in UEFA, not just today but I bet they’ve been doing it for the last four years since it was decided the tournament would take place in Poland and Ukraine,” he added.

Manchester City’s Italy striker Mario Balotelli had earlier threatened to walk off the pitch if he is abused.lmost 9.6 percent of players had reported examples of racism or other forms of discrimination in a survey conducted by FIFPro, the worldwide union for professional footballers, in February. (ANI)