Nigeria plane crash: Bodies of Indians to take more time to return

New Delhi, June 8: The Foreign Ministry on Friday said the bodies of the two Indians killed in the plane crash in Nigeria would not be immediately returned to the country as their identification process was yet to be completed.

Two Indians amongst the dead were Mahendra Singh Rathore, co-pilot of the plane, and a passenger, Rijo Eldos, a computer engineer from Kerala.

Addressing a media conference here, foreign ministry spokesperson, Syed Akbaruddin said the identification process of the two Indians was yet to be completed as their bodies had been severely damaged.

“My understanding is that the Indian mission in Lagos has been in touch with the Governor of Lagos. The issue is a little tricky in the sense that the remains of certain people are not so easily identifiable and so the issue of identity remain a factor in dispatch of the bodies back to India in quick time,” Akbaruddin said.

He said that Eldos’ family was planning to travel to Lagos in order to speed up the process to recover his remains, while the family of the second victim, Mahendra Singh Rathore was already in contact with the airlines.

The privately owned Dana Air flight, McDonnell Douglas MD-83, smashed into an apartment block in a densely populated Lagos suburb on the Sunday afternoon, killing all 153 people onboard and an unknown number of people on the ground. (ANI)