Nitish slams Centre after SC questions decision on minority sub-quota

New Delhi/Patna/Lucknow, June 13: With the Supreme Court questioning the decision to give 4.5 percent sub-quota for minorities on the basis of religion in central educational institutions out of 27 percent reservation for OBCs, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday charged the Central Government of deceiving the people of the country by making false assurances.

“The question is that Central Government thought of giving a sub-quota for minorities within 27 percent reservation for OBC (Other Backward Castes), this would not act as a relief for the government. The refusal that was already given by the Andhra Pradesh court and this is not the right way of the Central Government,” Kumar told media in Patna.

“They thought of deceiving people at the time when elections were on. This step will not appease the people from the minority community and on the other hand OBC community is also opposing this step,” he added.

Meanwhile, Janata Dal-United lawmaker Sharad Yadav said today that it was a serious matter and should be discussed in the Parliament.

“Social disparity is a big question and the people from the Congress Party who propose reservation have no idea about this issue. They just plan tricks to woo voters easily. This is a serious question and adequate steps need to be taken in this regard,” he told media in New Delhi.

Congress leader Jagdambika Pal, however, said that the decision was taken by the government in wake of the poor condition of the Muslims across the country.

“I would not like to comment on the verdict of the High Court or Supreme Court. Everyone will accept the decision and even we will accept the decision but I feel that the economic condition of Muslims in the country is not good and they poor and after independence there has been a dip in the percentage of Muslims employed in jobs,” Pal told media in Lucknow.

“So, I think that providing a sub-quota in the already existing percentage of reservation is the right step,” he added.

Questioning the government on giving 4.5 percent sub-quota for minorities on the basis of religion, the Supreme Court refused to stay the Andhra Pradesh High Court order quashing the decision.

An apex court bench before which the Human Resource Development Ministry placed the relevant and supporting documents, forming the basis for the Sub-Quota, the Court questioned whether classification can be made on the basis of religion.

The apex court added that Office Memorandum issued by the Government on 22nd of December, 2011 did not have legislative support. The Additional Solicitor General, Gorab Banerjee strongly pleaded in support of the Sub-Quota, but Court upheld the Andhra Pradesh High Court order.

It noted that there is ambiguity in the calculation for carving out the Sub-Quota from the OBC quota. (ANI)