Pak PM’s spokesman condemns minister’s $100,000 bounty to kill anti-Islam filmmaker

Islamabad, Sept. 23: A Pakistani minister who offered 100,000 dollars for the death of the maker of an anti-Islam film has been condemned by the PM’s spokesman.

Shafqat Jalil said that the government ‘absolutely disassociated’ itself from comments by Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour.

The film, produced in the US, has led to a wave of protests in the Muslim world.he bounty offer came a day after at least 20 people died in clashes in Pakistan.I will pay whoever kills the makers of this video $100,000,” Ahmad Bilour said, adding: “If someone else makes other similar blasphemous material in the future, I will also pay his killers $100,000.”

“I call upon these countries and say: Yes, freedom of expression is there, but you should make laws regarding people insulting our Prophet. And if you don’t, then the future will be extremely dangerous,” the BBC quoted Ahmad Bilour, as saying.

According to the report, he even called for the help of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in killing the filmmaker.

His ANP party, which is part of the governing coalition, said this was a personal statement, not party policy, but added that it would not be taking any action against him.

“He is not a member of the (ruling) PPP (Pakistan People’s Party), he is an ANP politician and therefore the prime minister will speak to the head of the ANP to decide the next step. They are not ruling out action against him but say he will stay in his post for now,” Jalil said. (ANI)