Pakistani minister defends bounty on filmmaker’s head

Islamabad, Sep 28: A Pakistani minister, who offered a $100,000 bounty on the head of an anti-Islam filmmaker, Friday defended his decision despite wide condemnation.

Addressing a gathering at a mosque Friday, Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour said he will not withdraw the offer of bounty.

The Pakistani government has disassociated itself from the offer, Xinhua reported.

Bilour sparked international condemnation when he offered the bounty and urged the Taliban and Al Qaeda to carry out what he called the “noble deed”.

British lawmakers called for a ban on his entry into Britain.

Pakistani Taliban, who had put Bilour on their hit-list earlier, said they will not target him any more following his announcement.

“I gave the statement because of the love of Prophet Mohammed I have in my heart. I don’t mind people agreeing or disagreeing with me,” Bilour said at a mosque in Peshawar.

The US-made YouTube video “Innocence of Muslims” sparked protests across the Islamic world for insulting Prophet Mohammed. Over 20 people died in the violence in Pakistan.