Chinese Nobel Laureate Mo Yan hopes ‘jailed’ Liu Xiaobo gets freed soon

London, Oct 13(ANI): Chinese writer Mo Yan, who has been awarded Nobel Prize for Literature, has expressed hope that fellow writer and critic Liu Xiaobo is freed from jail as soon as possible.

Mo Yan’s win on Thursday is being celebrated both in the state media as well as online, but some commentators have contrasted it with Beijing’s anger at Liu’s award two years ago.

Liu Xiaobo is in prison for subversion after calling for democratic reform.

Mo Yan has published dozens of short stories, and since he is based around rural life in China, some of them have tackled sensitive issues such as corruption or forced abortion.

“I hope he can gain freedom as early as possible,” the BBC quoted Mo Yan, as saying of Xiaobo.

Mo Yan is the first Chinese resident to win the literature prize. (ANI)