Gujarat HC pulls Congress MP Radadiya for flashing gun at Kajran toll booth

Ahmedabad, Oct.30: The Gujarat High Court on Tuesday pulled up Congress Member of Parliament Vitthal Radadiya for flashing his gun at a toll-booth attendant last month in Kajran.

“This is not the way a Member of Parliament behaves,” the court said.

A case was filed against Radadiya after the incident.

Radadiya’s lawyer had appealed to the high court to quash the case.

Radadiya was caught on camera threatening a toll booth attendant in Kajran. He brandished his licensed rifle and threatened the toll booth staff after they asked him to pay toll.

The angry Porbander lawmaker brandished his assault rifle after toll booth staff asked his driver for an original copy of his (Radadiya) ID card.

Justifying his behaviour, Radadiya then said, “The people there called me a fake MP and were threatening to assault me. I did not aim or fire at anybody. I was alone and cornered, so I just showed them the gun.”

The incident could prove to be a major embarrassment for the Congress in Gujarat, as the state holds elections in December.

Central Congress leaders have said that they are investigating the matter. (ANI)