Men’s boxing nationals from Oct 30

New Delhi, Oct 2: The 59th Senior Men’s National Boxing Championship will be held in Hyderabad from Oct 30 to Nov 4.

The Indian Amateur Boxing Federation’s (IABF) new secretary general Rajesh Bhandari confirmed the dates and the location Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the 13th Senior Women’s National Boxing Championships will be held in Guwahati Nov 25-29.

IABF joint secretary C.B. Raje was nominated as the technical delegate for the men’s tournament while treasurer Khoibi Salam will be the technical delegate for the women’s championship.

The two will oversee arrangements and technical conduct during the tournaments.

The federation will also be fielding teams for two foreign tours in Oct.

The youth men’s team will compete in the 33rd International Tammer Tournament in Tampere, Finland, Oct 18-21 while the sub-junior men’s team will take part in a month-long training-cum-competition programme at Yangiabad, Uzbekistan, from Oct 7 to Nov 7.