NDC officers in Mumbai to understand naval operations

Mumbai, Oct 9: Over 100 officers undergoing the National Security Studies programme in New Delhi are on a visit to Mumbai to get firsthand experience in naval operations, a defence official said here Tuesday.

“As many as 111 officers undergoing the 52nd National Security Studies course at the National Defence College (NDC), New Delhi, will be visiting Mumbai, Karwar (Karnataka) and Goa from Oct 9-15,” the official said.

According to the official, the NDC course members will be visiting the defence headquarters, the Western Naval Command, Naval Dockyard, Mazagon Docks Ltd., offshore oil facilities of ONGC and the naval facilities at Karwar and Goa.

“The officers will also embark on warships of the Western Fleet for a Day at Sea to get a first-hand experience of naval operations,” the official said.

The participants of the Day at Sea will also include officers from the Indian army, navy, air force, Coast Guard and other allied civil services along with 25 officers from friendly foreign countries.

The NDC is a globally renowned defence institute, concentrating upon security as a whole, rather than having limited scope to defence. It is the highest institution of advanced studies, not just for the armed forces, but for civil services officers as well.

Focussed on strategy, geo-politics and the higher direction of warfare, it seeks to provide decision-makers with the necessary skills and knowledge required in senior positions in national security and allied government organisations.