Pakistani double-murder suspect enters UK Home Office following security failure

London, Oct. 14: A Pakistani, who is a double-murder suspect, was allowed to meet UK Home Secretary Theresa May in a shocking case of security lapse.

Nasir Butt, 48 and a father of two, had fled Pakistan in 1996 after being named over the murder of two brothers. He is said to have been condemned to death by a Rawalpindi court in his absence, reports The Sun.

May shook hands with Butt when she greeted him privately at the Home Office, unaware that he was on the run from his native Pakistan.

Butt was allowed through Westminster security without any vetting or checks required to undergo by anyone meeting a senior Cabinet minister. He managed to slip into the heart of government with two official Pakistani delegates who were on a prearranged private visit.

Following the security lapse, officials launched a probe and admitted that “a very unhappy” May had demanded “answers about this cock-up”.

“We were not told in advance that this individual was part of the delegation and he was not invited by the Home Secretary. We are investigating further,” a Home Office spokesman was quoted, as saying.

Butt also joined May for photos and beamed as she was presented with a shawl by Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab.

Butt was granted asylum after coming to the UK on a visitor visa and runs a dry cleaners and furniture store in Middlesex. He said he was innocent and maintained he was officially declared a fugitive because he was wrongly suspected of killing the men in revenge for the murder of his brother. (ANI)