Pendleton putting in another ‘Olympic effort’ to make amends in Strictly Come Dancing

London, Oct 14(ANI): Olympic champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton is leaving no stones unturned for her next performance at the celebrity dance show Strictly Come Dancing after getting slammed by judges for her debut piece.

Now, Pendleton has stepped up rehearsals in a bid sharpen up her steps and avoid the boot, and she has told dance partner Brendan Cole not to go easy on her as they train for up to 10 hours a day.

“You would think she’s training for another Olympics! She is determined to do the best she can,” the Daily Star quoted a show insider, as saying.

Meanwhile, Pendleton, who gets cramps from wearing high heels, said: “I don’t want to leave. They might have to physically turf me out as I’m enjoying it so much.” (ANI)