‘Rocker’ Balotelli says he’s ‘Jimi Hendrix on soccer pitch’!

London, Oct 2: Manchester City’s ‘bad boy’ striker Mario Balotelli apparently believes he is the ‘Jimi Hendrix’ of football and plans to be a rocker when he hangs up his boots.

Balotelli was shown in a new picture, strumming away on a custom-made guitar.

“I’m just like Jimi Hendrix but on a football pitch,” The Sun quoted the Italian maverick, as saying.

He was seen piped up as he met Manchester indie rockers The Rainband with his boss Roberto Mancini.

However, the gaffer said that Balotelli played more like a ‘busker’ than Hendrix when they lost to Aston Villa last week, the report said.

Earlier, the City boss was reported to have admitted to having a soft spot for eccentric striker, and added that his patience with the Italian forward is endless.

A frustrated Mancini had also promised to talk to the madcap soccer player, after yet another spat took place between the two Italians that saw the Etihad boss pushing the volatile forward down the tunnel following their 1-1 draw against Arsenal.

“I’m frustrated, also the players are frustrated because of this. If you want to win, a clean sheet is important,” he had said. (ANI)