Villagers in Jharkhand incur huge losses due to elephant rampage

Hazaribagh (Jharkhand), Oct. 28: Wild elephants wreaked havoc in the Barkatha block of Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh District, forcing villagers to flee from their severely damaged homes.

The elephants also damaged large tracts of standing crops.

A few animals were also killed or injured during the rampage.

Amit Yadav, a lawmaker of the state, said: “From last two days, almost 15-16 elephants have entered our village and destroyed almost 20-25 houses, killed four to five animals, destroyed crops and damaged utensils. Because of this reason a lot of tribals with their children have migrated to near G.T. Road.”

Panicked villagers asked police and forest officials for help, who restrained the angry elephants.

Residents and farmers in the region live under the constant fear of wild elephants, as they venture into the fields at night, eat their harvest and cause a lot of destruction. (ANI)