Bounty offering Pak railway minister calls for international law to curb sacrilegious acts

Peshawar, Nov. 2: Reiterating his bounty offer on the anti-Islam movie maker, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Railways, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour stressed the need for legislation at international level to suppress sacrilegious acts.

Bilour said that that nothing could pressurise him to withdraw his offer, and added that the matter was of grievous gravity which needed to be paid due attention, reports The Nation.

Bilour claimed that the UK High Commissioner in Pakistan had met him and asked him to take back his statement regarding announcement of head money on the maker of the recently released profane film- ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

“I don’t have any dispute and reservation with any state, religion and person. I stress the need for enacting laws at the United Nations level against blasphemous acts,” Bilour was quoted, as saying.

“I am ready to die, but will never visit United Kingdom, as any pressure move is not acceptable to me to eat my words regarding announcement of bounty on the head of maker of a profane movie mocking Islam. I will not tolerate any forceful attempt in this regard,” he added.

Expressing concern over putting ban on travel to the United Kingdom by the British government, he said he was “immensely hurt by the decision”. He said the move against him was totally unwise and unjustified. (ANI)