Ex-CIA director Petraeus’ scandal widens to include Obama’s cabinet

Washington, Nov 13: The alleged affair of General David Petraeus seems to have widened to include Barack Obama’s cabinet, as it was claimed that the US Attorney General knew about the affair for months but kept it secret until the day of the presidential election.

Eric Holder, the head of the Justice Department, was reportedly told in the late summer that FBI agents were investigating the former CIA director’s sexual relationship with Paula Broadwell, his biographer.

The information was kept inside the DoJ until last week, even though FBI agents had already discovered classified information on Broadwell’s computer, The Telegraph reports.

According to the paper, allegations that one of Obama’s closest allies had known about the affair fuelled theories of a cover-up as the scandal expanded to include a second woman and continued to shake Washington.

Neither the FBI nor the Justice Department has officially commented on the matter but in private briefings insisted that there was no obligation to inform the White House because it had already determined there was no breach of national security, the paper said.

However, when FBI agents confronted Broadwell in September, they seized a computer they believed she used to contact Gen Petraeus and found secret documents stored on it, the paper added.

If proved that the Justice Department kept its investigation of Petraeus’s affair a secret to prevent it from becoming an election issue could be hugely damaging to the Obama administration in near future, the paper concluded. (ANI)