‘Footie fan’ Salma Hayek gets excited as hubby’s team beats PSG

London, Nov 19: Salma Hayek proved her love for football as she got into cheering mood during Saturday’s match between hubby’s Stade Rennais and Paris Saint-Germain in Paris.

The 46-year-old actress seemed to be on top of the world when her Francois-Henri Pinault’s team beat the Paris side.

Instead of acting nonchalant, the high-profile couple didn’t try and hide their emotions during the match as at one point Hayek even jumped up and started screaming down at the pitch, the Daily Mail reported.

Clearly enjoying the match, the ‘Bandidas’ star, cuddled up to Pinault and seemed over the moon to be spending the day with him.

Hayek wore a thick grey and leather coat over wide-legged black trousers and a roll-neck jumper.

She wore minimal make-up and completed her look with her hair loose over her shoulders.

After their team’s success the couple rejoiced, hugging each other and later went down onto the pitch to meet the players.

Speaking after the match, she said “I am happy, not only because we won, but because it was heroic. PSG is a great team, it’s a little like David against Goliath.” (ANI)