Iran claims Obama’s view on Iran ‘completely different’ from Israel’s

Tehran, Nov 9: Iran has claimed that US President Barack Obama’s administration has ‘completely different’ views on the Islamic Republic to Israel and the US Republican Party, according to an intelligence ministry report.

The report, posted on the ministry’s newly launched website, claimed that the Democrats had ‘pinned their’ hopes on a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear threat.

It said that there was an ‘open confrontation between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the issue’.

It was apparently prepared before Obama’s re-election victory on Tuesday over Mitt Romney.

“The Republican party has a more severe confrontational approach towards Iran … and its proposed policies are close to those of the Zionist (Israel) regime,” it said.

According to the Telegraph, it added that Obama’s ‘Democratic party’s position is completely different’ on Iran.

“Although Democrats have not hesitated in implementing hostile policies against the Iranian nation and repeatedly say that ‘all options are on the table,’ they have pinned their hope on diplomacy,” the report said.

Obama has rallied US allies against Iran, toughening sanctions, with Tehran’s oil exports and access to world financial systems being key targets, the report said.

The United States and other world powers, including Tehran’s arch-enemy Israel, accuse Iran of using its nuclear programme to mask a drive for atomic weapons. Tehran has denied that, saying it is for purely peaceful purposes.

The analysis also argues that the Obama administration has a more moderate approach on sanctions against Tehran than European countries.

“Although Americans have themselves imposed expansive sanctions against Iran, they are still trailing the Europeans in this regard,” it said. (ANI)