New map reveals where most ‘racist, anti-Obama’ tweets originated from post re-election

Washington, Nov 10: A flurry of ‘racist tweets’ that followed President Barack Obama’s re-election came primarily from southern states in the US, a new map that geographically pinpointed the point of origin of the ‘hate speech’ has revealed.

According to geography research group Floating Sheep, Mississippi and Alabama had the highest ratio of the tweets that addressed Obama as “monkey” or used racial epithets, which were followed by Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, forming a “fairly distinctive cluster in the southeast” of online hate speech.

“The bigoted tweets serve as a “useful reminder that technology reflects the society in which it is based, both the good and the bad,” the New York Daily News quoted the research group, as saying.

North Dakota, Utah, and Missouri also had a high prevalence of racist tweets, the research found.

According to the report, in the west and northwest part of the US, there were very few racist tweets, with the exception of Oregon, the map indicated.

The group took 365 tweets and laid them over a color-coded map of the United States to analyze the frequency of ‘hate tweets’ compared to the frequency of election-related tweets in that state following the 2012 US elections, the report said. (ANI)