Pak minister, wife banned from entering U.S. for offering bounty over anti-Islam film

Peshawar, Nov 10: The American Embassy in Islamabad has cancelled the visas of Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmad Bilour and his wife, and banned him from visiting the U.S. in future.

The move comes as a reaction to the 100,000-dollar bounty Bilour had placed on the head of the producer of the anti-Islam film- Innocence of Muslims.

Bilour had announced the bounty in September, inviting members of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda to take part in the ‘noble deed’, adding that given the chance he would kill the filmmaker with his own hands.

“I have received a call from the embassy today, informing me about the ban and cancellation of visas. I am not worried whether the US or UK restrict my entry into their countries; I would only be worried if I was banned on visiting Makkah and Medina but thank God this didn’t happen,” The Express Tribune quoted Bilour, as saying.

“When leaders of religious political parties who do politics in the name of Islam and those who kill people in the name of our religion fail to come up with a firm response against the blasphemous movie; the love for Prophet Muhammad in my heart moves me to place the bounty on the blasphemer’s head,” Bilour had said in a press conference last week.

The film, which portrayed Prophet Muhammad as a womanizer, fraud and a child abuser, sparked violent protests across the Muslim world including Pakistan, where several people died during protests in addition to vandalism of public and private property. (ANI)