Stinking colleagues biggest office nuisance, says study

Moscow, Nov 18 (IANS/RIA Novosti) A survey has found that colleagues smelling of sweat are number one irritants and the ones not given to washing hands after visiting the loo the second most disturbing nuisance in offices.

The study was conducted by a Dutch online survey into work hygiene by jobs website, De Telegraaf daily reported.

Third on the nuisance list are the ones with bad breath, fourth is making sounds while eating and fifth, sniffing and blowing your nose too loudly.

Office hygiene was also found wanting, the survey showed, with over half the 1,100 respondents saying they never cleaned their desk. Also, four out of 10 have seen a mouse scurrying about at the work site and almost one in 10 have witnessed cockroaches.

−−IANS/RIA Novosti