Time for Pak to realign with states critical to survival of its economy: Editorial

Islamabad, Nov 11: An editorial in a Pakistani daily has said that Pakistan cannot fight terrorists without international help, and is steadily losing more and more cities to them, and therefore it is time to realign Pakistan with the rest of the world, especially those states that are critical to the survival of its economy.

The editorial in The Express Tribune said that it is Pakistan’s good luck that the U.S. has shown more flexibility in the crisis of relationship than has Pakistan, and President Barack Obama, who has been re-elected with acclaim from most Muslims of the world except Pakistan, will engage with Pakistan as of old and probably try to better understand the country’s point of view.

The military is now pragmatic and handles the relationship as transactional, which in Pakistan’s lexicon is an unworthy way of relating between two parties, it said. It wants the U.S. to understand that in any endgame scenario in Afghanistan, it would be a folly to ignore Pakistan’s interest. This kind of approach is not necessarily a promising way of looking at the future of Pakistan-U.S. relations because of the element of dare contained in it, it added.

Pakistan has some strong cards in its capacity to spoil the endgame unless it is allowed a significant share in the power map of post-withdrawal Afghanistan, it said.

Some say that since, after the withdrawal, the U.S. will need Pakistan less than Pakistan will need the U.S., this toughness will be a realistic policy orientation. No doubt, Pakistan will need U.S. help when it comes to rescuing its economy from its nosedive pattern under the savage treatment meted out to it by the Taliban and their affiliated groups.

The editorial further said that Pakistan has to change its posture, just as it wants the U.S. to change policy in favour of its interest. Its main weakness is a lack of control of the strategic assets that it plans to use as an instrument of its Afghan policy. Its internal weakness in the face of the Taliban – to whose thinking the country submits in many alarming ways – undermines its external posture, it concluded. (ANI)