Chelsea Clinton to play ‘larger political role’ following mother Hillary’s exit

Washington, Dec 24: As Hillary Clinton exits the political stage in coming weeks, her daughter Chelsea Clinton, who has evolved into a self-assured public figure in her own right, is getting ready to play an increasingly larger role in national debates.

This, according to Politico, could mean serving as the Clinton public face, as Hillary Clinton takes a break from permanent public life after ending her stint as the US Secretary of State.

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, a staunch Hillary Clinton backer in her 2008 primary campaign, called Chelsea a “person of considerable skill and competence” and a “powerhouse”.

Chelsea took her first steps on a political issue in New York in 2011, phone-banking and volunteering to help pass New York’s gay marriage law. She reportedly helped convince her father to change his views on the issue – one that her mother has not yet weighed in on.

At age 32, Chelsea is in a very different place than she was even four years ago, when she got a taste of political surrogacy on her mother’s presidential campaign. Where she finds herself now is as the heir to the Clinton legacy – not of politics, but of service, the report said. (ANI)